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Data and Analytics Consulting for
Financial Services

Find the right answers to your business challenges with our big data consulting services, advanced data analytics solutions, and big data development services


Making business sense of your data for any user, anytime, anywhere

Iviju's data and analytics consulting services for the financial services sector assist organizations in obtaining quick, high-quality data for improving consumer loyalty, observing industry regulations, and identifying and avoiding fraud.

Do not allow outdated systems and segregated data hinder you. Our financial data services help you modernize your data architecture to produce a single, reliable picture of your company's operations across customers, geographies, and products.

We help you untangle the complexities of big data in financial services. We work with customers across commercial banking, capital markets, private equity, and insurance segments.

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Data Management

Our experience in data management consultancy extends beyond data lakes and warehouses to include data governance, metadata management, and data storage. You obtain seamless data access, optimized storage costs, and regulatory compliance

Data Integration

Combine your data sources with batch or stream processing for billing, payroll, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, and other uses. Our data integration developers use ETL tools and custom APIs to simplify the process.

Data Visualization

We create data visualizations that clearly tells stories, facilitating informed decision-making and reliable ad-hoc data analysis.


Engage with customers on their terms

We'll provide the insight and expertise to help you leverage complex financial information and omnichannel customer interactions from legacy technologies and modern applications so you can deliver the personalization, transparency, and security customers expect today. Identification and execution of value-creating transactions: We support our clients at every stage of the deal lifecycle, from evaluation to execution and integration, acting in both buy-side and sell-side roles. We create and deliver on innovative investment theses based on in-depth understanding of the underlying markets and their competitive dynamics, customers' preferences and behaviors, and the specific differentiating characteristics of the assets under consideration.

Design, Develop, Test and Deploy


Optimization of operations

Iviju closely collaborates with clients to streamline operations, organizational structures, and procedures throughout the value chain. Commercial effectiveness, incentives, and operational model design are often discussed subjects. A thorough review of the skills needed to transform a "paper strategy" into a successful practical plan.

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