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UX/UI Design

We elevate digital experience to the next level by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and approaches into our work.

While we are guided by User Research and Data for Insights that lead to UX decisions, we value connecting reality to results that are meaningful to users, addressing business problems, and technological efforts. We devised a plan that tackles your most pressing UX issues while simultaneously providing tangible financial benefits that can help you boost your ROI.

We will create an engaging UI/UX design that reaches high conversion rates and increases sales.

UX & UI Design

Give us a concept, and our designers will make it a reality. We provide cutting-edge design tailored to your company goals, our designs will improve conversion rates and reduce turnaround time.

  • Project requirements elaboration
  • User Personas
  • User Stories
  • UX research
  • Wireframing/​Prototyping
  • Web and App design
  • Redesign
  • AR/VR design
  • Branding


User Interface, or UI, is concerned with how the product works, to make sure material flows logically from step one to step two and so on. In Iviju we study how users think and how they react based on that we optimize the functionality of the website or app. We run multiple version of the website (A/B test) in order to choose the one which allows for the most efficient experience and ultimately drive the most traffic.


User Experience, or UX, is an important aspect of product design that involves how the product is laid out and looks visually. At Iviju, we use a variety of tools and our deep knowledge of the industry to figure out how customers will interact with your page.

Our custom UX design services are tailored to your specific needs and goals. We take the time to understand your business, your target audience, and your unique requirements in order to create a user experience that is intuitive, engaging, and effective.

Our Process UX/UI Design

Iviju assists companies in navigating every aspect of the digital landscape by focusing on the needs of the client and developing user and customer experiences that have compelling user interfaces (UI) and produce measurable commercial results. Whether you need a brand-new software created or an interface that is more user-friendly. In order to achieve the goals of the project, we select the appropriate tools and methods and use our extensive UI and UX knowledge.



During the initial step of our process, we conduct workshops and gather valuable insights on the business requirements. We delve into understanding the customer journey maps and develop personas to gain a deeper understanding of our target audience. Through card sorting exercises and focus groups, we gather feedback and insights from users, which helps us shape our design approach.



In this phase, we focus on crafting the information architecture, creating wireframes, and developing prototypes to visualize the user experience. We pay careful attention to the visual design elements, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing interface. Additionally, we leverage data visualization techniques to effectively present complex information in a clear and understandable manner.



To ensure the effectiveness of our design, we conduct usability testing sessions where users interact with the interface and provide feedback. Furthermore, we gauge emotional responses through specialized testing, which allows us to understand how users feel when engaging with the product. We also conduct focus groups and assess accessibility to ensure inclusivity and accommodate diverse user needs.



During this final step, we ensure the design quality through rigorous quality control measures. We iterate on the design based on user feedback and make necessary improvements. This iterative process ensures that the final implementation meets the desired objectives and delivers an optimal user experience.

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