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Bulk UTM Parameters Updater

UTM NameUTM Value

Input: One URL Per Line


How to use the tool

  • Click on "Standard Template" to add default UTM parameters
  • Leave parameter value blank, remove parameter from all input urls
  • Put urls into input box, one url per line. Each url needs to start with http or https to be edited otherwise value is just copied to output.
  • Click Update - button to view the results
  • If page is refreshed, the data will be lost
  • There is no limit how many url you can process the same time, only limit is your computer memory
  • Click on blue plus sign to add UTM field
  • Click on red X sign to remove

What are UTM Parameters?

UTM parameters are simply parameters you add to a URL — when your link is clicked, the this parameters are sent back to Google Analytics as tags and tracked.

With UTM parameters, you can tag your links to understand how is your campaign doing, or what links people click to identify the best ways to drive more visitors to your website.

Types of UTM Parameters

utm_source (required) – identify the source of your traffic such as: social media, search engine, email, or other referral.

utm_medium (required) – identify the medium the link was used on such as: email, CPC, or other method of sharing.

utm_campaign (required) – identify a strategic campaign (e.g. product launch, new feature, partnership, etc.) or specific promotion (e.g. a sale, a giveaway, etc.).

utm_term – suggested for paid search to identify keywords for your ad.

utm_content – suggested for additional details for A/B testing and content-targeted ads.

UTM Parameters

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